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Welcome to Tanya Alberts and Associates. Our vision is optimization in health for life through food and nutrition.


Tanya Alberts Dietician & Associates Aspires To:

  • Inspire healthy eating through medical-nutritional therapy and community-based education.
  • Provision of credible, evidence-based, current and practical nutrition information.
  • Empower people to be food and nutrition leaders
  • Support ethical, evidence-based best practice in dietetics and nutrition


Important Values That Tanya Alberts Dietician & Associates Maintain:

  • We abide by our professional ethics
  • We guide and educate our clients with empathy towards clear goals
  • We motivate and inspire others towards results
  • We see each persons unique potential
  • We share our feelings, opinions and experiences freely
  • We do things properly by following up and finishing things
  • We keep ahead of our game by constantly learning
  • We aspire to practice and preach a balanced lifestyle

“ We Are What We Eat”

A Dietician is a vital member of the health care team. Tanya Alberts has been providing dietary guidance since 2009 as a registered dietician licensed in South Africa.

A Dieticians goal is to help patients understand the connection between diet and diagnosis for improved nutritional well being.  Tanya educates patients about the potential impact poor lifestyle behaviours can have on health and nutrition over time and how good nutrition and habits can be life changing.

Tanya share’s her knowledge of which dietary choices, including type of food, portion size and frequency, are optimal for individuals who have various dietary related diseases, for individuals who want to lose weight or individuals who simply want healthier lifestyles. Tanya is committed to continuing her professional development (CPD). To ensure that her knowledge and practice is based on current scientific evidence, she attends various courses and study days in her interests.

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“As a dietician my job is to promote healthy living. It is a job I enjoy to do because it is like being an artist. I create healthy living and well being by using the different colours of the rainbow in the form of food and different textures of artwork in the form of exercise and lifestyle. Most important I enjoy making a difference in the health of others in my community and beyond”.Tanya, Dietician

“As a dietician I treat patients with respect and dignity in a fair and professional manner to establish trust. I will ensure quality and care in an appropriate manner. I will do all of the above with a passionate and enthusiastic personality and always do my best.” Tanya, Dietician

“As a person I know how food can change your life and brighten up your future. I have first hand experience in dealing with eating disorders and how it mentally and emotionally affects ones life. I also have dealt with autoimmune diseases very close to home and I understand how all the components (Body, Mind and Soul) need to work together for better living and healthier choices” Tanya, Dietician


Qualifications and accreditation

  • BDietetics (UP)
  • Registered: H.P.C.S.A.- Health Professions Counsel of South Africa 
  • ADSA: Association for Dietitians in South Africa
  • Discovery Wellness Network Dietician
  • DNA Analysis Nutrigenetics 
  • Geneway Nutrigenetics
  • Supreme Fertility
  • Optiway Food Intolerance testing
  • Lorisian Food Intolerance testing
  • Maternal and Baby Friendly Hospital Educator and Assessor
  • Practice Number: 084 000 0555444
  • Group Practice Number: 084 000 0731501