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What is Transform Your Health Network – TYHN?

Transform Your Health Network has launched as a result of Tanya Alberts and Sian Buckley merging their businesses to help people transform their lifestyles that includes a person’s:

  • Food habits
  • Body shapes
  • Emotional challenges
  • Relationship problems
  • Career difficulties
  • Money stress

Many of our clients asked if we could put our workshops and programs online so that we can help people beyond our medical rooms so we now have workshops and programs available online and offline.

Whether your issue is weight, a relationship problem, stress or a specific life challenge that you might be currently struggling with, TYHN will help you find solutions to your challenges and problems so you can enjoy a more satisfying life.

Who Makes Up The TYHN Team?

TYHN is a team of Dieticians, Counsellors and Psychologists who put their skills and knowledge together to better help the client.

Sian Buckley – “I started working with individuals and corporate companies as an Entrepreneur, Educator and Transformational Coach from 1994. I am also a qualified Counsellor. Over the past 25 years, my real passion and purpose has been to empower and inspire people to transform the areas of their lives that bring them unhappiness, dissatisfaction or pain.”

Tanya Alberts – “I am a registered Dietician and Health Coach.Today food plays an amazing role in my life and when I help people to transform their eating patterns, it is amazing to see how a person’s whole life can transform when they change their relationship with food.”


Tanya Alberts
Owner / RD(SA)
Tanya has been providing dietary guidance since 2009 as a registered dietician. Her goal is to help patients understand the connection between diet and diagnosis for improved nutritional well being. She educates patients about the potential impact poor lifestyle behaviours can have on health and nutrition over time. Tanya is a registered Discovery Wellness Network Dietician and is able to do Discovery Vitality days. Tanya is a strong believer in ‘We are what we eat' and loves to convey this to big groups of people. Tanya has a special interest in emotional eating, food allergies and DNA testing for individualised menu planning. Tanya is committed to continuing her professional development (CPD).
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Cecile Niebuhr
Cecile graduated in 2015, having completed her Dietetics degree at the University of Pretoria. She started clinical dietetics in 2016, gaining experience (and maintaining a growing interest) in the nutritional management of surgical and critically ill patients as well as the nutritional counselling of Diabetic, Cardiac, Renal and undernourished patients. She is practicing in Halfway House, Midrand and takes a special interested in paediatric and sports nutrition. She believes that sound dietetic practices is the cornerstone of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Nasreen Goolam-Hoosen
Nasreen graduated from the University of Natal as a Registered Dietician in 1997. She began her career working as a Clinical Dietician in private practice and lecturing university students part time. She then joined the KwaZulu Natal Department of Health where she garnered many years of valuable experience in the public health nutrition domain. Her insight into the nutrition challenges faced by individuals and communities at large as well as the barriers to attaining nutrition behavior and lifestyle modification has enabled her to optimize the health and nutritional well-being of her patients with empathy and flexibility. She is a firm advocate about good nutrition being the foundation of a productive and progressive life and is passionate about guiding and motivating her patients to unlock their potential and accelerate change. Her key interests include: healthy eating throughout the lifecycle with a keen interest in paediatric nutrition, digestive health issues, sports nutrition, chronic diseases of lifestyle such as diabetes, hypertension, overweight/obesity and weight management
Michaela Beneke
Michaela completed her Dietetics degree at the University of Pretoria in 2014. Afterwards she did her community service year in rural KZN and went on to gain more experience in the private practice and hospital setting in Newcastle. Wanting to become either a chef or a medical doctor, Michaela decided to choose an occupation where she could take the best of both jobs and combine her love for good food and her passion for helping people. Being a dietitian gives her exactly that. Working together with clients and seeing them grow achieve their goals makes her happy and she strives to provide highly individualized and personal nutritional therapy to each client, but most importantly to make healthy eating fun and doable to everyone. Michaela’s special interests include diabetes, gut health as well as mindful eating and she is currently completing a master’s degree in diabetes with the University of South Wales.
Kgadi Moabelo
I Studied BSc (Dietetics) at the University of Limpopo, MEDUNSA Campus, now known as Sefako Makgatho Health Science University. I started practicing as a Community Service Dietician in 2011 at Kgapane Hospital outside Tzaneen in the Limpopo Province; and from 2012 onwards as an independent Dietician. I also served as a member of the Executive Management of the same hospital as a Quality Assurance Manager for 3 years coordinating and managing programs like National Core Standards, Complaints Management, Adverse events and other quality programs. I was also running a small private practice part time at Kgapane Medical Centre. Now I am working with a very diverse team pursuing my passion in nutrition, I do this in seeing my clients one-2-one, in a group setting, giving group or school talks and even presenting on radio including Thobela FM, Sloot FM and Alex FM to name a view. I am a proud ambassador for dieticians and healthy nutrition. My special interest is in weight management and Paediatric nutrition. I believe that our bodies are vessels that need to be consistently fueled with good nutrients to be able to carry us from one place to the other just as the car is regularly serviced to be able to take us from one point to the other, failure to do that will result in our bodies crashing .
Leoni Fortmann
Leoni Fortmann is a registered dietician full of enthusiasm about food and nutrition. Her belief in the power of good nutrition and how it can have a positive influence on the health status of individuals drives her passion of helping people to acquire optimal healthy eating habits. Leoni is a confident, bubbly person with a big heart who deeply cares for people at a professional and personal level. When she is not working, she enjoys a lovely day out in the sun, being active and having a good time with family and friends. Having a very creative mind allows Leoni to create something unique and beautiful whether it be at work or for her personal use. She hopes for nothing but for her clients to succeed and is willing to go the extra mile to help them get there.

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