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The Importance Of Nutrition In Women

By Tanya Alberts, RD(SA) As women we differ from men on various different levels including biological and molecular level as well as mentally, physically and behavioural. We would choose different types of food to eat and in different portions. We tend to have more emotional eating behaviours compared to men and it’s not for...

  Processed Meat – Is this healthy eating?  

What is processed meat? Processed meat comes from beef, pork, lamb, goat and poultry. It can include many parts of an animal from fatty tissue, head meat, intestines, bones and meat blasted off carcasses, hooves and claws.  This left-over meat is treated with chemical additives to extend its shelf-life, change its texture, add colour...

We Have All Been There…

The holiday starts out great.  No work stress, just unwinding and relaxing with family, friends, food and drink. Laughter is in the air and everyone is happy. But what happens once the holiday is over? Do you come to the end of your holiday feeling bloated, sluggish, or uncomfortable because you have overindulged on...

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