2016 you Beauty!! – Out with the Old and In with the New.

It is a new year with new beginnings. People have great expectations for this year and some have even made some ‘New Years Resolutions’. Now, I am not one for new years resolutions, but to give you some inspiration for the year I will be taking on a challenge of my own…

Tanya Alberts Dietician will be changing her image, as a business and as a person. I am calling it: ‘Out with the Old and in the New’ for 2016.

Now where do we start?

  1. Have a plan & put your mind on the correct path: Get your act together, put your mind to it, visualize what you want, write those goals down and put a time limit to it.
  2. Commit: Make the commitment and do it, make it a habit and something you enjoy. Keep the end result in sight.
  3. Slow and steady: Take it step-by-step, remember it is a journey. As long as the ball is rolling in the right direction, you are doing fine. But remember to push yourself now and then.
  4. It is never fun doing it alone: Get that support system going, get some friend who will be joining you on this journey if needed.
  5. Believe in yourself & be Bold: You are the maker of your own destiny!!

Remember, we are what we eat. So watch this space for changes happening and  updates on my progress in this new and exciting journey. I am doing it with you now…

About the author:

Tanya has been providing dietary guidance since 2009 as a registered dietician licensed in South Africa. Her goal is to help patients understand the connection between diet and diagnosis for improved nutritional well being.

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