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Tanya and I met three years ago when we started working at the same Medical Practice.

I am a Specialist Transformational Counsellor and Tanya is a registered Dietician/Health Coach and we realized that by combining our 35 years of expertise, we could help more people to heal both their physical and emotional life challenges. Two years ago, we decided to merge our businesses so that we could help our clients attain more successful results and that was the beginning of Transform Your Health Network.

Why is it that so many people get stuck in yo-yo dieting?

Is it because of:

  • Unrealistic expectations?
  • Bad eating patterns?
  • Excessive stress?
  • Past unresolved emotional trauma?

Have you lost weight, only to put it all back on again, and maybe even more?

Most of us have all been there at some time, right? Did you know that there are 3 Critical Reasons that you are struggling to lose the unwanted fat and keep it off:

  1. Your Automatic Brain
  2. Your Chemical Body
  3. Your Emotional Eating Patterns

Do you want the Insider’s Video Blueprint to:

The 3 Critical Reasons That You Are Not Achieving Successful Weight Loss Results – if you have answered yes, join our Free Masterclass by completing a short survey and unlock our Video Blueprint to help you discover:

Your Automatic Brain:

Why one part of you wants to lose weight, yet another part of you doesn’t want to lose weight, and how to transform this conflict in your automatic brain so you can lose fat consistently and keep it off.

Your Chemical Body:

How to stop cravings without feeling deprived so you can finally feel vibrant and amazing.

Your Emotional Eating Patterns:

How to overcome food addictions and patterns so you can finally be free of dieting, feel great and have the body size you really want.

It’s FREE, so join us now.

We look forward to seeing you there 🙂

AUTHOR: Sian Buckley

About the author:

Tanya has been providing dietary guidance since 2009 as a registered dietician licensed in South Africa. Her goal is to help patients understand the connection between diet and diagnosis for improved nutritional well being.

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